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Willow Tree Angels

The Willow Tree collection designed by Susan Lordi  is inspired by a love of family, friends, and nature.   Each Willow Tree piece is formed from Susans’ original carving and then hand painted to reflect the rustic detail and intricate wood-like carvings. 



There are Willow Tree figures that are appropriate for any special occasion or to convey a special message.

  • For a wedding or anniversary – “Together” or “Promise”

  • For Mothers Day – “Mother and Daughter’” “Mother and Son,” “Grandmother’” or “Quietly.”

  • For Fathers Day – “Father and Son,” “Father and Daughter,” “Grandfather,” or “New Dad”

  • For a baby – “Angel of Mine’” or “New Dad”

  • Special sentiments are conveyed by angels of friendship, hope, prayer, healing, affection, courage, good health, thank you and many more.    

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